Vitality Series

Because Inter Valley Health Plan is not just a health plan, but a lifestyle, the For Health & Living Vitality Series was created. The For Health & Living Vitality Series is all about health education, wellness, enjoying life and giving back. It is based on instilling a sense of energy and celebration into life and making every moment count.

The For Health & Living Vitality Series promotes “lifestyle of health and vitality” for Inter Valley Health Plan members and the community. You do not have to be a member to enjoy these programs. Based on a philosophy of a mind-body-spirit health connection, the For Health & Living Vitality Series was designed to help people live a vigorous and full life – both physically and emotionally. Social events such as annual senior talent shows and senior prom dances add a joyful mix to the program. These programs are offered throughout the community, including our Medicare Information & Vitality Centers.



Palm Springs - Chair Yoga
 - 9/24/2019
10:00 AM
By using a chair, modified yoga postures and breathing techniques, you will be introduced to a yoga session that offers you both health and fitness benefits. This innovative fitness approach makes chair yoga programs suitable for any age group.


Palm Springs - Line Dancing
 - 9/24/2019
11:30 AM
Join us for our newest addition: Country Line Dancing Class. Come and do some boot scootin with Greg Klein. Boots Optional.


Palm Springs - Senior Fitness Class
 - 9/25/2019
10:00 AM
This class is for seniors that have a desire to improve their skeletal muscle strength, muscle flexibility and balance. All three components are essential to maintain quality of life during the aging process. Resistance exercises are a major part of this class. Class size is limited. Wear comfortable shoes.


Palm Springs - Zumba Gold
 - 9/26/2019
10:00 AM
Based on the same dance moves used in the original Zumba class. The Gold class, however, is less intense, with dance routines designed for beginners and older adults using modified movements. Wear comfortable clothing and flexible shoes. Class size is limited.


Palm Springs - Meditative Yoga
 - 9/27/2019
10:00 AM
Meditation is the practice of concentrated focus upon sound, objects, visualization and breath to increase awareness of the present moment. This helps to reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance personal and spiritual growth.


Palm Springs - Smartphone and Tablet Class **Apple Products Only-Advanced**
1:30 PM
This hands on class will help with smartphone and tablet basics; including Settings, helpful features, apps and much more. Bring your smartphone or tablet. WiFi available. This class is for Apple iPhone & iPad users only.